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Support for those affected by or at risk from Depression.

PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully, we now find ourselves in a position where we are no longer able to process new memberships (email or post). We apologise for this unfortunate situation and any inconvenience this may cause. 

Who we are

and what we do...

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We are a National Self-Help Organisation helping people cope with their Depression.
Our charity is run by a team of 5 or more volunteers who welcome you to join us.

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Depression UK promote mutual support between individuals affected by or at risk from Depression.
We enable members to share their thoughts and problems with fellow suffers.

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Depression UK members know better than any non-depressed professional or carer, what it really feels like to suffer from depression.
We are here to help.

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We offer a range of services to our members to enable them to facilitate sharing of experiences, storytelling and friendships.

Penfriend Scheme, Zoom Chats & More.

Our Aims:

  • Offer friendliness and understanding to anyone troubled by depression, to help him or her overcome their illness.
  • Offer mutual support and encourage self help.
  • Overcome the isolation felt by many people with depression.
  • Help break down the stigma attached to this illness.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of members at all times.
  • Attempt to meet the needs of sufferers not covered by health professionals.
  • Neither give medical advice nor endorse any medical treatment or product.

What our members say..

Depression UK improved my life by providing a supportive community, resources, and coping skills that helped me recover from my depression. Their team is compassionate and dedicated to helping those with depression. I am grateful for the membership that has given me a sense of belonging and comfort.
Joining the Penfriend scheme through Depression UK has been a decision that I'll never forget. It has provided me with a safe and welcoming space to connect with others who understand what I'm going through. I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity to make lasting connections and find comfort in the wisdom of others.
Depression UK's newsletter has been a valuable tool that has helped me on my journey towards mental wellness. It provides an array of helpful articles, tips, and resources that educate me on my illness and offer support and inspiration to keep going. What I appreciate most about Depression UK's newsletter is its focus on positivity and hope

Your donations enable us to improve our services and offerings to our members. We are forever grateful for all of the donations we receive.

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