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A Word From the Newsletter Editor

Well, here we are in 2021 and who would have thought back in March 2020 that we would be still in the grip of the Covid virus!

I am the Editor of the D-UK Newsletter and have been in this role since 2008. We aim  to publish between 4 and 6 issues every year but we often only manage 4 due to lack of content. Of course, as an organisation we use the Newsletter as a means of keeping Members informed of our activities and our Annual General Meeting. We now have over 500 Members and we have been helped by the ease of communications via Zoom, mostly by email, and some by surface mail.

As the Editor, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to hear that Members appreciate our Newsletters, and sometimes we get interchanges when certain topics are discussed therein. However, whenever I sit down to write an edition, I am often finding that submissions from Members themselves are very few in number. We have some stalwarts who can be relied upon to submit items in almost every edition and I also use some of my own old writings that tell in a hopefully humorous way about things that have happened to me over the years.

As I write this, I am already planning to produce the next Newsletter. As usual, I do not have many submissions in the bank. I usually alert our regular contributors individually and they often come up with pieces. However, I would be much happier if we could get a lot more contributions.

Would anyone wish to send their first submission for this Newsletter? It doesn’t have to be a potential Pulitzer Prize document. It can be as long or short as you like, If people are willing to submit, I am perfectly happy to deal with wording, punctuation and any other matters concerning presentation.

The topics that might suit the coming edition are as follows-

  • How I am dealing with Lockdowns?
  • What works for me when I am down.
  • How I have dealt with recent problems caused by Covid?

Go on – you know you want to……


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