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Our Organisation

Depression UK (D-UK) is a national Self Help Organisation that offers support to its several hundred members. Most suffer from depression; others may be past sufferers, or care for those who have the illness.

Depression UK has operated within the UK since it was founded in 1973, and was first registered as a charity in 1979.

This independent Not for Profit organisation is run entirely by a team of up to ten volunteers who work from their own homes. it is self-funding and receives no grants, advertising income or any other external income.

The Trustees ensure that Depression UK is run in accordance with its Constitution and Standing Orders, and meets the requirements of the Charities Commission. Our finances are are independently examined. Key decisions are taken at the Annual General Meeting, which is open to all members.


Our Volunteers

Most of our volunteers either have personal experience of depression or have seen how it ruins the lives of other people. A few simply wish to donate their time to help a good cause.

Our volunteers cover a wide range of duties, including Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Liaison, Meetings Secretary, Newletter Editor and Penfriend organiser. They are assisted by other volunteers and members are encouraged to participate in the running of the organisation.

The Committee meets six times a year, mainly in Derby, and neither volunteers nor committee members are paid for their time, but are reimbursed out of pocket expenses.

Volunteers receive no pay, apart from their out of pocket expenses, (such as paper, stamps and fares to meetings), which are refunded.


A Brief History of Depression UK

A TV programme about Post Natal Depression, broadcast in about 1970, provoked so much discussion between a few concerned people that they decided to form a local depression group and meet up thereafter on a regular basis.

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Our History

This group proved to be so successful that soon other local depression groups were formed. Eventually, these set up an association called “Depressives Anonymous”, mainly to exchange news and information.

Unfortunately, differences in policy arose and this association then split into two separate and independent associations, which have since gone their separate ways:

  • One group took the name of “Depressives Associated ”, and is now “Depression Alliance ”.
  • Our own organisation retained the name “Depressives Anonymous ”.

Later we were called “The Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous ” before changing to “Depression UK ” in 2007.

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We are an independent Not for Profit organisation run entirely by a team of volunteers. We are entirely self-funded and receive no grants, or any other external income.