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A common symptom & emotion felt among those suffering from Depression is loneliness, along with isolation and feelings of segregation from the world. As our ethos is built upon personal experiences of depression, we truly empathise and understand how these emotions feel and impact us on a daily basis. We have therefore created a community centred around friendship and a common understanding of depression.
We wanted to help those who may be experiencing depression personally or closely related to someone else who might be suffering, also. From this, we built our Penfriend Scheme. Designed to facilitate and encourage new friendships built upon shared experiences of depression and in attempts to tackle and reduce the symptoms of loneliness that some may feel.
All members are welcome to join our Penfriend scheme, along with our private Facebook groups and/or pages – available on request and invitation. This enables members to support each other and share experiences in a safe & controlled way. Please also remember to support and follow our public Facebook page.


Penfriend Scheme:

Open to any member, we run a Penfriend scheme so members may write to fellow ‘Helper-Sufferers’ in order to share their troubles, success stories, strategies of coping etc.
If you are interested and have already joined as a member, please send an e-mail to the Penfriend Coordinator at for an application form. Alternatively, if you are thinking of becoming a member, a form will be sent to you within your joining/welcome pack.
We mainly offer our Penfriend Scheme via email but in some circumstances, we do offer postal membership & postal Penfriend options. Please note that email membership & Penfriend registrations are by far the most popular of the offerings and therefore postal Penfriend matches may be limited.
If joining our Penfriend Scheme of interest, please contact the Penfriend Coordinator to express your wish to join. We endeavour to ‘match’ you up with one of our volunteers and/or members with similar interests and experiences as much as possible.
Letters between Penfriends are exchanged through our Central Address to protect your anonymity & security. You do not need to pass on your surname and/or address.

* We must stress that this service should NOT be looked on as a potential dating agency! We must also stress that members take part in this AT THEIR OWN RISK, as we cannot guarantee to police it adequately.

Below is an extract from a letter from one of our members, published in Newsletter 150:
Pen Friend writing a letter.
Our Pen Friend Scheme
“One of the most important things – if not the most important thing – which keeps me going, as it were, is the writing and receiving of letters. I have several pen-pals, all of whom have become very good friends, and without them my life would be empty indeed.
With this in mind that I ask you through the newsletter, to thank our Pen-Friend Secretary for all the hard work she does in running ‘our’ Pen-Friend club. It is an excellent service and I thoroughly recommend letter writing as good ‘therapy’. The service has certainly enabled me to carry on, when all else seems hopeless.
Please, if you can, do encourage others to take up letter writing. It may prove to be enjoyable and a way of building up a friendship. And at the same time this can bring a sense of belonging and well-being.
And how pleasant to have the postman bring some welcome mail for a change. But, of course this wouldn’t be possible without D-UK, and our Pen-Friend Secretary.

So a BIG THANK YOU once again.”


DUK Chat

We also have a private chat forum via Facebook, which is available to all members upon request. If you would like to join this private group, please contact the administrator via – please remember to quote your membership number when requesting to join (along with your associated email address registered on Facebook – so we can find and invite you accordingly).


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