Work with us

Volunteering with Depression UK offers a myriad of benefits, enriching the lives of those involved. By becoming a volunteer, individuals gain valuable experience, honing essential skills, and gaining insights into the complexities of the mental health realm. Our volunteers provide much-needed support to those grappling with depression, offering a compassionate ear, empathy, and resources to help them cope with their challenges. Witnessing the positive impact of their efforts on others brings profound personal satisfaction, fostering a sense of fulfilment in knowing they are contributing to a supportive community and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. At Depression UK, we recognise the profound significance of such dedication and acknowledge how this collective effort plays a crucial role in promoting mental well-being and building resilience in the face of adversity.

We are always open to expressions of interest in relation to joining us at Board of Trustee or Committee level. As Trustees or Committee Members, individuals will play a crucial role in shaping the organisation’s strategies, ensuring its mission is carried out effectively, and contributing to the overall well-being of those affected by depression. This unique opportunity allows compassionate individuals to make a meaningful impact within the mental health community and help promote a supportive environment for those in need.

We are currently welcoming general volunteers to actively participate in our mission to support individuals dealing with depression. Being proactive, such volunteers will be integral in assisting us with various tasks and initiatives. Your willingness to work autonomously and remotely ensures a flexible and accessible contribution, helping create a positive and supportive environment for those facing depression. This opportunity offers volunteers a chance to make a difference from the comfort of your own space, while playing a vital role in enhancing the well-being of others.

We are currently encouraging volunteers with experience or interest in the following areas:

If you would like to find out more, or would like to submit an expression of interest, please download the form below – by selecting the “Download” button – and returning a completed copy, along with a brief cover letter to